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This document certifies that the company TINCASUR SUR, S.L. undertakes to implement and maintain an Integrated Policy for the Management of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, the NATO quality assurance requirements for design, development and production, and the UNE-EN-ISO 3834:2 standard, quality requirements for the fusion welding of metallic materials.

In response to the commitment from the company management, the following Integrated Management Policy has been established and drawn up based on a series of principles that are described below and are initialled in this document:

Our main aim is to consolidate our status as a reference company based on three fundamental pillars:


Our work can be divided into four main branches: BOILERMAKING, WELDING, PIPE-FITTING and MECHANICS. We have to be able to provide our clients with global solutions by covering a wide range of jobs.


In order to perform jobs that others do not, we must have the best staff with access to the most advanced skills and ongoing training in new processes, as well as providing refresher courses for those already learnt. Supporting these skills is the equipment and infrastructure necessary to operate with the highest quality in the shortest time, relying on the most advanced measuring and monitoring machinery, tools and equipment to perform our work.


To provide services to our clients in any part of the world at all times under the scope of our certification.

To comply with the requirements of the reference standards and promote ongoing improvement by defining, reviewing and ensuring compliance with the aims and objectives in the four working areas.
Both the management and staff of TSS adopt the necessary measures to guarantee compliance with the UNE-EN-ISO 3834:2 standards.
To prevent pollution and optimize the use of natural resources by implementing a system of good environmental practice within the organisation. All this with the aim of protecting the environment.

The management and chain of command will assume and encourage the integration of safety into the production process, establishing as a basic principle that the highest productivity is achieved with the optimal conditions of safety, preventing harm and impairment of health. Likewise, to ensure the application of the principles of preventative action set out in the current standards.

To maintain and develop our technical skills at ensuring the correct allocation of the resources required (human and technical) and planning the best possible use of resources so that their lack of availability does not stop us from eliminating any possible impact on the environment or the health and safety of our workers.

To comply with the applicable legal requirements and with other requirements that TSS subscribes to related with environmental aspects and occupational safety, paying particular attention to those specified by our main clients and interested parties.
To ensure there is a good relationship with our suppliers, clients and the public administration.

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